San Pedro Public Market is located 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles and is surprisingly convenient via the 110 Freeway and Metro’s Silver Line bus service to the Harbor Gateway. 

Visitors using the Express Lane can reach the Public Market from DTLA in 30 minutes. The Port of LA continues to attract new and innovative technologies like AltaSea and the SpaceX rocket retrieval site.

The goal of the the San Pedro Public Market is to provide a world-class waterfront destination to San Pedro by celebrating the rich diversity of food, culture, recreation and entertainment found in Los Angeles in a luring and dynamic way. The Public Market is bringing the very best talent from all disciplines (design, recreation, entertainment, culture, history, food and fun) together to make this happen.

"By aggregating the main attractions together to provide a unified destination, visitors can enjoy the best of the LA Waterfront in a seamless and interesting way."

-Jonathan Williams of the USS Iowa


The Public Market is just one critical link in a rich array of existing and future waterfront attractions. Our team is thinking beyond our site to envision a connected waterfront, from the Vincent Thomas Bridge to the Cabrillo Beach breakwater, that will provide direct waterfront access, parking and a variety of family experiences that will be easy to reach and explore at one destination.

The San Pedro Public Market is actively exploring options to enhance customer experience by complementing the existing rubber tire trolley (Pedro Business Improvement District - PBID) with both modern and traditional recreational transit options including family friendly pedal jitneys, electric scooters and bicycles pathways around the site and the waterfront to further improve direct waterfront access. The opportunity of utilizing the dedicated Red Car right-of-way for a modern, open-air easy-access tramway is under consideration.

The unique, innovative waterfront attractions at and around the San Pedro Public Market create a hub of local and visitor activity along  the LA Waterfront. One can envision taking a water taxi along the main channel to dine in the container kitchen yard for lunch, or an AltaSea employee biking over for  an evening concert in the waterside amphitheater after work.

“Providing connectors to downtown San Pedro and the entire waterfront is a priority to our community and the success of the San Pedro Public Market.”

-Alan Johnson, Jerico Development

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The San Pedro Public Market aims to produce an economically sustaining development that improves the quality of life for the San Pedro community and the LA Waterfront.

It is a collaboration between the Ratkovich Company and Jerico Development.

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